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3 year PhD in Neuroscience/Cell Biology funded by the MRC at Bristol University

A 3 year PhD in Neuroscience/Cell Biology funded by the MRC is offered at Bristol University under the supervision of Dr Patrick Case and Professor James Uney at Bristol and Dr Tudor Fulga at Oxford University. The project will examine the role of microRNA release by the human placenta and its potential to alter the development of the fetal nervous system. The effect of physiological and toxic stimuli on the placenta and model trophoblast barriers  from altered oxygen and nanoparticle exposure will be assessed to examine the role of potential insults during pregnancy. The student will examine the release of microRNAs and their effects on a variety of developing neural systems including neural development from stem cells. They will use molecular biology and  cell biology. Further information about the signalling across the placental barrier can be found in our two papers in Nature Nanotechnology.

Further reading

Bhabra G, et al Case CP.Nanoparticles can cause DNA damage across a cellular barrier.

Nat Nanotechnol. 2009; 4:876-83.

Sood A, et al Case CP.  Signalling of DNA damage and cytokines across cell barriers exposed to nanoparticles depends on barrier thickness. Nat Nanotechnol. 2011; 6 :824-33.

Applicants you send their cvs to Dr Patrick Case


Posted on 18/02/2013

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