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Calling Cambridge Neuroscientists to help prevent unprecendented Science Budget Cuts

As you may be aware, British science may be in for some unprecedented cuts on October 20th when the government's departmental budgets will be announced.

Cuts to the science budget will affect everything, from science communication and public engagement, to blue-skies research and applied science, so we need to make sure our voice is heard.

Vince Cable said in a recent speech that it was time for scientists to do "more with less" - but the evidence shows that UK research is already amongst the world's most efficient.

A group of scientists, dubbed "Science is Vital", have organised to try and make the case for science because we believe it's vital for the UK economy, and our society.

If you care about the future of UK science, can you help us? We need as many people as possible to

- sign the Science is Vital petition (already 6,000 and growing):

- attend the rally in London (outside HM Treasury) on Sat 9th October:

- write to your MP asking them to sign our Early Day Motion:

- come to Parliament on 12th October to lobby your MP in person:

There's a real risk that on 21st October, the science landscape in the UK could be changed dramatically for the worse in a way that will take years to recover from - but we still have time to try and make the political and economic case for this clear.

Posted on 04/10/2010

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