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Results from RAND bibliometric analysis on Cambridge Neuroscience

This bibliometric analysis conducted by RAND Europe provides an overview of the citation impact of neuroscience research at the University of Cambridge and, specifically, research by individuals, departments, institutes and themes associated with the Cambridge Neuroscience Strategic Research Initiative (membership captured in July 2014). The study also measures the impact of Cambridge Neuroscience against other UK Neuroscience Institutions.

The research report summarises the key findings of a bibliometric analysis of research and researchers affiliated with Cambridge Neuroscience. The document aims to serve as an extended summary of the study, intended for dissemination to interested parties. The bibliometric analysis aims to inform and support Cambridge Neuroscience in their strategic direction by providing evidence on the research performance of the network (and its constituent researchers and organisational units) and by exploring collaboration dynamics.

Please note that there are a number of caveats to bear in mind when interpreting the data. Some of these apply to bibliometric analysis more widely and others are specific to the current investigation (outlined on page 23 of the extended summary document).

The findings suggest that research performance has continuously been high, and substantially above world averages. The benchmarking results clearly indicate that Cambridge Neuroscience has reinforced its position as one of the leading institutions in the UK working in the area of neuroscience.

Please contact Dr Dervila Glynn if you have any comments or queries about this study.

Posted on 24/07/2015

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