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Internal call for Interdisciplinary Collaborative EPSRC Awards

An Internal Funding Call for Cambridge University Researchers EPSRC Interdisciplinary Pump-priming awards for collaborative research between the physical sciences/engineering and the life sciences Strategic Research Initiatives/Strategic Research Networks.

Introduction and aims of the Scheme: As part of the University of Cambridge's EPSRC Bridging the gap award, grants are available for short-term pump-priming (up to 10k each, to be spent by 31st March 2013) with the aim of fostering interdisciplinary research collaborations between the physical sciences/ engineering and the University of Cambridge's strategic research initiatives or networks in the life sciences.

The expectation is that this funding will enable pilot/proof of concept research, which in turn will lead to funding applications to the EPSRC or other relevant funders.

Eligibility: This call is internal to Cambridge University only, and projects must involve Cambridge University research investigators from both the EPSRC disciplines (physical sciences or engineering) and the life sciences. In addition, at least one of the investigators of the project has to be linked to one of the existing University of Cambridge strategic research initiatives or networks in the life sciences, i.e. Cancer, Stem Cells, Conservation, Infectious Diseases, Neuroscience, Global Food Security, Metabolic Diseases, Immunology or Public Health.

In the case where an SRI/SRN has not yet commenced recruiting members, PIs may apply whose area of research falls in the above remits. Only independent research investigators may apply (typically holders of academic appointments or independent fellowships).  However, the collaborative research may be carried out by more junior research staff under the supervision of the award holders.

Funding: In total £50k is available for this call. Individual applications must not exceed £10k.  Please note that the grant funds cannot be used for capital items of equipment. The grant will be awarded outside of fEC covering 100% of eligible costs but funds cannot be used for estate costs or indirect costs. 100% cost for consumables, cost of travel, directly allocated staff costs (though not normally PI time) and other costs can all be supported by these funds. Whilst directly incurred staff costs are also eligible, please note that due to the short-term nature of the grant, this funding cannot be used to make new Cambridge appointments, however it may be used to extend the tenure of current Cambridge appointments. Funds cannot be used for PhD stipends or fees. Please be aware that any award will have to be spent (not just committed) by 31st March 2013, which is the end date of the institutional grant. This deadline cannot be extended. Thus, it is important that applicants only apply for funds they realistically can spend within the relatively short time frame.

How to apply: To apply, please complete the short application form (max 2 pages in total) and email to Dr Jana Voigt by 16th December 2012. Guidelines can be found here.

An interdisciplinary Grants Panel will assess all proposals received and make the funding decisions. You will be advised of the panel's final decision but we regret that we are unable to give applicants detailed feedback from the panel discussion.

Contacts and guidance: If you have any queries about this call, please get in touch with Dr Jana Voigt. A complete list of University of Cambridge Strategic Initiatives/Networks can be found here. We may be able to accept applications after the deadline, if funds are still available. However, please check with Dr Jana Voigt whether this is the case before submitting a late application.

Posted on 28/11/2012

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