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CamBrain: NeuroTalks taking place at Baroosh - November 3rd @6.30pm

CamBRAIN: The Cambridge Neuroscience Society is a young-investigators group at the University of Cambridge that is dedicated to uniting all undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as post-doctoral researchers and research assistants/associates with an interest in neuroscience.

The major aim of CamBRAIN is to foster collaboration and communication amongst its members, appreciating the diversity of research and interests that fall under the umbrella of this rapidly expanding and exciting field.

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NeuroTalks will take place at Baroosh (, 6:30 PM, Monday the 3rd of November.

Young neuroscientists at various stages of their career will give short, TED-like talks to enlighten you about the breadth of research conducted at Cambridge and to get feedback from the audience. Please join us for a fun and informal evening. Disclaimer: Due to the age-restrictions at this venue, if you are under 21 please send me an e-mail at to be included in the guest list.

The speaker details are listed below:


Benita Turner-Bridger

Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience

1st Year PhD Student

“Targeted mRNA Trafficking in Pathfinding Axons of the Developing Visual System”


Jessica Santivanez-Perez

Department of Clinical Neurosciences

2nd Year PhD Student

“Why are specific neuronal populations differentially vulnerable to the effects of abnormal α-synuclein in Parkinson's disease?”


Alex Billing

MRC CBU – Hearing, Speech and Language Group

3rd Year PhD Student

“Making sense of auditory scenes”


Muzaffer Kaser

Department of Psychiatry

3rd year PhD Student

“Could modafinil be used to help people with depression?”


Posted on 31/10/2014

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