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The FameLab UK Grand Final - April 23rd at the Bloomsbury Theatre

FameLab UK Grand Final - April 23rd 2013,  at The Bloomsbury theatre. Eleven finalists battle it out to become the new voice of science communication.

They’ve enthralled audiences in heats across the UK. From Cardiff to Newcastle, London to Oxford, Birmingham to Cambridge hundreds of contestants have fought for their place in the FameLab Final. Now, with an arsenal of charm, personality and scientific expertise, the eleven will have three minutes in which to communicate a chosen science or engineering topic in the most exciting, innovative way possible to a panel of high profile judges.

Join our judges, Jim Al-Khalili, theoretical physicist and Chair in the Public Engagement in Science at the University of Surrey; Clare Matterson, Director of Medical Humanities and Engagement at the Wellcome Trust; and Mark Lythgoe, Professor of Biomedical Imaging at UCL, as they mark our contestants on FameLab’s 3Cs: clarity, content and charisma.

Topics range from the practical to the bizarre, but you’re sure to be amazed by what our contestants have in store. So far they have tackled questions such as: How do 3D glasses work? How do stem cell researchers prevent a heart from accidentally growing out of an ear? How does a laser work? And, can someone really sing loud enough to break glass?

You are invited by our host, Professor Russell Foster, Cheltenham Science Festival Chair, to the FameLab UK grand final competition. Quentin Cooper is the compere for the evening. Who will you cheer on?

This year’s finalists are:

Jacques Carolan (University of Bristol)

Catherine Carver (Wellcome Trust)

Isabel Christie (University College London)

Elspeth Kenny (University of Sheffield)

John Kirby (Newcastle University)

Victoria Martindale (Oxford Brookes University)

David McNee (University of Aberdeen)

Josephine Mmojieje (Aston University)

Leon Vanstone (Imperial College London)

Sonia Watson (University of Aberdeen)

Jonathan Webb (University of Oxford)

The winner of the UK final will then go on to compete against over twenty other FameLab winners from around the globe in the International FameLab final on Friday 7 June at The Times Cheltenham Science Festival.

Please join us on social media as well:

Twitter: @FameLabUK
Facebook: Cheltenham Festivals and FameLab International

Tickets £8

Posted on 12/04/2013

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