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Naked Neuroscience - Reporting from FENS in 2 special podcasts

Morality and Motivation

Would you kill one person to save 5 others?  Does religion evade morality by omission and how can you tweak people’s motivations?  We’ll be stripping down, breaking hot neuroscience research at the Federation of European Neurosciences 2014 Forum including finding out how moral values are contagious. Click here to listen.


Is your sleep account in credit?

How fruit flies help us understand how to get our sleep bank account in credit. Plus in the news this month, people prefer shocks to thought. How long could you be left alone with your thoughts? 10 seconds? A minute? Reporting from the Federation of Neurosciences Society Forum in Milan on the hot breaking neuroscience research. Click here to listen.



Posted on 06/08/2014

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