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Restricted Call: Leverhulme Research Centres 2018 (internal deadline 1 October 2017)

The Leverhulme Research Centres 2018 funding round is now open.

The aim of this call is to encourage new approaches that may establish or reshape a field of study and so transform our understanding of a significant contemporary topic.  Applicants are therefore invited to be bold in compiling their bids. The Trust has a reputation for encouraging higher-risk research which is often therefore fundamental or curiosity-driven – so-called 'blue skies' – and pan-disciplinary. The expectation is that Centres will draw upon a range of disciplinary perspectives and expertise, perhaps bringing new disciplinary mixes to bear on a particular topic.

The choice of research topic is left open, with the exclusion of studies of disease, illness and disabilities in humans and animals, or research that is intended to inform clinical practice or the development of medical applications. The Trust’s hope is that this new round will result in bids that fold the social sciences and humanities more authentically into the mix, as compared to the pattern of the first round, in which many proposals were encouragingly multi-disciplinary but framed primarily in physical and life science terms.

Leverhulme Research Centres should not duplicate existing activity at a comparable scale, whether in Research Council-funded or university research centres. The Trust wishes to support research activity where it can be confident that the work will have substantial added-value compared to smaller initiatives in the same area of research.

Each Centre, to be led by a named Director (providing intellectual and organisational leadership and ensuring delivery of the chosen research agenda), will be funded for up to £1m per annum over a period of between five and ten years to conduct innovative research of the highest intellectual and academic ambition.

More information can be found here. Anyone interested in submitting a bid should also refer to the following:

·         Research that the Leverhulme Trust does NOT fund: 

·         Selection criteria:

·         Ineligible costs:

University Internal selection:

The University can submit only one bid as the principal applicant and therefore, this call will be managed according to the University’s restricted calls policy.

To take part in this internal selection process please submit your internal selection form (attached) and a support letter from the Department that will host the project to 1st October 2017. 

University Internal Peer Review: The successful bid will be expected to take part in the internal peer review. The deadline for submission to the peer review will be 1st December 2017. 

Funder deadline, outline stage: 9 January 2017.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us at                   

Best regards,

Silvia Fernandez

Research Funding Coordinator

Research Strategy Office

The Old Schools, Trinity Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1TT

Tel: 01223 (3)33902

Posted on 07/08/2017

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