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Restricted Call: Leverhulme Trust Doctoral Scholarships - deadline April 11th

Restricted Call: Leverhulme Trust Doctoral Scholarships
The Leverhulme Trust has announced its call for Doctoral Scholarships. The scheme will make awards of £1 million each to 10 UK universities. Each award will fund 15 Leverhulme Doctoral Scholarships at that institution, with 5 scholarships to be offered in each year of the 3-year grant. The awards are offered in any subject area that applicant universities have identified as a strategic research priority, except those thematic areas that the Leverhulme Trust doesn’t fund: ; the chosen subject area should be sufficiently broad to sustain 5 doctoral students in each of the 3 years of the grant. Each scholarship is for a fixed sum of £70,000 over 36 months of full-time doctoral study, which will cover maintenance (at research council levels), tuition fees, with any remaining funds to be used for the Leverhulme Scholar’s research and training expenses. Further information on the call is available here:
Universities may submit one application only. This call will be coordinated according to University’s restricted calls policy: . The decision on the theme of the proposal to be submitted to the Leverhulme Trust will be made by the University’s Research Policy Committee at its next meeting on 1st May 2014.
Selection Process:
Following consultation with the Schools, the Research Policy Committee has initially identified 3 thematic areas: Language Sciences, Public Policy and Computer Science Graph Theory. Proposals are invited for Doctoral Centres that align with one of these 3 themes. It is possible to submit an application for a different thematic area, but the proposal needs to demonstrate alignment with institutional strategy. All proposals need to be cross-disciplinary, demonstrating relevance to other disciplines. All proposals will need to be signed off by the most relevant Head of School.
When proposing a theme, please note that there are restrictions on the kinds of research that the Leverhulme Trust is able to support. Further guidance is available here: Applications within any of the areas that the Leverhulme doesn’t fund, will not be considered at the internal selection. Please also refer to the Trust guidance on the approach to grant-making: as these criteria will be used by the Research Policy Committee to select the proposal. Please also note that the Trust is keen to avoid assuming the role of ‘funder of last resort’; that is, of providing support for proposals which have been fully matched to the requirement of another funding agency, but have failed to win support. 
To be considered in the internal selection process, please submit the attached internal selection form, together with a letter / note from the Head of School confirming their support for the proposal. The proposals need to be submitted to by 11 April 2014 (17:00). Late submissions will not be considered. The decision will be made at the Research Policy Committee meeting on 1st May 2014.
Selection Criteria:
The Research Policy Committee will use the normal Leverhulme Trust assessment criteria: as well as specific scheme criteria the Trust designed for this scheme available here:
The sponsor deadline for full proposals is 11 September 2014.
If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Posted on 21/03/2014

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