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All the latest podcasts from Naked Neuroscience

Huntington's Disease:

In a special show from Cambridge and New Zealand, Hannah Critchlow investigates the research into Huntington's Disease. How has the search to correct a single gene enhanced our understanding of how the brain functions? How are sheep helping to unpick the puzzle of the human mind? Plus we visit a brain bank to find out how tissue donors are supporting the scientific research.

This has been aired on BBC Cambridge, sections in BBC Five Live and also ABC Australian network, plus the podcast. Featuring Cambridge Neuroscientists Professor Jenny Morton and PhD student Kate McAllister, plus Dr Dervila Glynn in the BBC Cambridge edition.

Inside Alzheimer's:

How are memories formed and lost? Is Alzheimer’s just an extreme version of normal ageing? And to what extent does genetics play a role? Can we protect ourselves from developing the disease? We get our head around the disease with this special podcast sponsored by Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Why am I so bored and tired in the office?

Do you feel tired, irritable and bored during the week? Yet full of beans and enthusiasm at the weekend? We find out why this could be!
Featuring Cambridge Neuroscientist Dr Tom Manly

Posted on 13/05/2014

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