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The Adolescent Brain on BBC Radio 4's 'All in the Mind'

Dr Petra Vertes and Dr Kirstie Whitaker discussed their recent work on brain development during adolescence with Claudia Hammond on BBC Radio 4 this week. Both are members of the Neuroscience in Psychiatry Network, a collaboration between the University of Cambridge and University College London, Petra and Kirstie explain their analyses of 300 adolescent brain scans, and how they linked structural age related changes to gene expression. Their findings were published in Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences this summer.

Listen again to the radio program here.

"Adolescence is a time when life-long mental health difficulties sometimes emerge for the first time. By combining genetic data with the information from brain scans of many hundreds of people, a team at Cambridge might have worked out why this can happen. Claudia Hammond hears from neuroimaging researcher Dr Kirstie Whittaker and bioinformatics researcher Dr Petra Vertes."

Posted on 23/11/2016

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