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CNS 2015 - Brain Chat - Podcast report

Answering key questions about brain and behaviour, from the University of Cambridge comes Brain Chat, with Hannah Critchlow reporting on exciting brain research revolutions presented at the Cambridge Neuroscience 2015 Seminar and in partnership with Actual Analytics. This is the first of two in a special podcast series. 

We announce groundbreaking new findings and in the process improve our understanding of behaviour and pinpoint new ways to help boost brain power. Guests include Andrea Brand, the acclaimed biologist who developed a pioneering technique which allows scientists to peer into the brain as never before. We join Daniel Wolpert, a world leading computational scientist and a self proclaimed movement chauvinist - he argues that our sole reason for being is to move. Plus we discuss, with John O'Keefe and Edvard Moser, how winning a Nobel Prize has changed their lives. Join Cambridge Neuroscientists Deniz Vatansever and Kirstie Whitaker as they describe new and exciting results from their favourite research posters of the day. 

Posted on 29/06/2015

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