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PhD studentship available: molecular regulation of adult neurogenesis

A PhD studentship is available at the Developmental Biology Institute of Marseille-Luminy in the group of Harold Cremer. The fellowship is part of the Marie-Curie research training network Axregen, investigating new strategies for nervous system repair. The successful candidate is expected to start in the first half on 2010. Salary will be approximately 1800Euros/month.


In the subventricular zone (SVZ) of the forebrain large amounts of neuronal precursors are generated from defined stem and progenitor populations. These young neurons migrate into the olfactory bulb to differentiate into interneurons that use GABA and dopamine as their neurotransmitters. This neurogenic system attracted considerable attention, mainly for three reasons: First, it appears that adult neurogenesis relies largely on molecules and mechanisms that are also used during embryonic development. Therefore, the system allows studying neural stem cell biology as well as neuronal determination, migration and differentiation in a far more accessible manner than in the embryo. Second, the fact that the adult brain can generate and integrate new neurons raised hope for the use of adult neurogenesis in cell therapeutic approaches to neurodegenerative diseases via transplantation or the recruitment of endogenous progenitors.


In this PhD project we will study the molecular regulation of neurogenesis in the postnatal and adult nervous system. In particular we will adress the question of how terminal neuronal differentiation and synaptogenesis are induced in adult generated neurons. Furthermore, we will investigate the potential of adult generated neurons in experimental paradigms for neurodegenerative disease like, for example, Parkinson’s disease.

This programme is coordinated by the Department of Clinical Neurosciences, University of Cambridge. Application queries should be addressed to Professor Joe Herbert (programme coordinator) at:

Posted on 14/09/2009

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