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Calling all Cambridge Neuroscientists attending FENS 2012 - VENUE ANNOUNCED!

Calling all Cambridge Neuroscientists attending FENS 2012!

Cambridge Neuroscience is organising a free informal social gathering on the evening of Monday 16th July at this years FENS meeting in Barcelona. All members of Cambridge Neuroscience at any level are welcome, and are encouraged to join us.


Location: It will take place in a bar called Marmalade. The lounge area has been reserved under the name of Dervila Glynn from 7.30pm. Marmalade is located in the wonderful Raval area. Take Carme street from Los Ramblas and continue for 5 minutes until you see a pink building in front of you. Marmalade will be on your right on Riera Alta in a triangular open area.


        RIera Alta 4-6

        08001 Barcelona

Please contact me if you are attending FENS and would like to come along to what promises to be a fun evening.

Cambridge Neuroscience will be represented at this year’s conference.

Professor Trevor Robbins from the Department of Experimental Psychology and the Behavioural and Clinical Neuroscience Institute will be speaking on Sunday, July 15th (13:00-13:45) when he will deliver the EBBS Behavioural Brain Research Prize lecture entitled ‘Neural basis of impulsivity and compulsivity: neuropsychiatric implications’.

Abstract: The lecture will be concerned with 'behavioural neuroendophenotypes' of relevance to neuropsychiatry. The focus is on impulsivity and compulsivity, and their utility for understanding the aetiology and possible treatment of drug addiction, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder. The ultimate aim is to identify impairments in specific behavioral processes that can be linked to the aberrant functioning of discrete neural circuitry, for example within the cortico-striatal pathways.

The awards for Cambridge Neuroscience continue on Wednesday, July 18, (11:45-12:45) when Professor Barry Everitt will receive the FENS-EJN Award. The FENS EJN Award is given in recognition of outstanding scientific work in all areas of neuroscience. Barry, also from the Department of Experimental Psychology and the Behavioural and Clinical Neuroscience Institute will deliver a lecture entitled ‘Dynamically shifting neural circuitries underlie addictive behaviour’.

Abstract: Interactions between the protracted self-administration of addictive drugs, such as cocaine, and the brain's pavlovian and instrumental learning mechanisms, lead to the emergence of compulsive drug seeking that characterise the pathological and maladaptive state of drug addiction. Novel models of drug seeking behaviour have revealed the dynamically altered functional relationships between corticostriatal circuitries that result in a shift from controlled and goal-directed, to compulsive and persistent, drug seeking that is both difficult to relinquish and is associated with the long-term propensity to relapse.

On Sunday 15th July, Dr Lora Heisler from the Department of Pharmacology will be co-chairing a symposium on ‘Circuits of motivation: network principles of the hypothalamus’ (15:45-17:15). Dr Denis Burdakov, also from the Department of Pharmacology, will be speaking during this session on ‘The lateral hypothalamus as a link between brain state and body energy levels’.

Also on Sunday 15th July, Dr Dawn Eagle from the Department of Experimental Psychology will be delivering a talk entitled Translating the neural basis of stopping between rodent and human (Abstract #5215) at 16:10-16:30 (Hall H, Session Code S16).

Naked Scientist Dr Hannah Critchlow will be reporting on FENS, interviewing speakers and producing brain shorts on each full day of the meeting. Please follow her to keep up to date with all things FENS on the FENS and Naked Scientists websites.




Posted on 23/05/2012

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