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Communication without words

Professor Nicola Clayton and artist Clive Wilkins are collaborating to explore the subjective experience of thinking, and through the medium of dance they are investigating the phenomenon of thinking and acting without words.

Nicky, who is Rambert Dance Company's Scientist in Residence, and Clive, who is a fine artist and writer, can often be seen dancing Argentine tango together.

Clive and Nicky will continue to explore the concept of thinking without words using dance at the Cheltenham Science Festival 2013 on the 8th June. This event will include an Argentine Tango taster session. They are also giving a TEDxOxbridge talk and performance in Oxford on the 1st June. They will also perform as part of the public programme at the forthcoming Cambridge Neuroscience Symposium 'Ion Channels in Health and Disease: a symposium to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Nobel Prize awarded to Alan Hodgkin and Andrew Huxley'.

They have a busy schedule with many more events coming up: read more about their collaboration on their Captured Thought blog site. Contact them directly at

Posted on 03/05/2013

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