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BBSRC Additional In Year Funding for International Partnerships

The BBSRC has awarded the University of Cambridge additional funding in order to strengthen and initiate International Partnerships across the BBSRC remit. You are invited to apply for part of this additional funding which must be spent in Year, with expenditure needing to be completed by the 31 March 2023.


This support is provided for research within the theme of strengthening and initiating international partnerships across the world. Funds can be used to initiate and/or strengthen existing international partnership activities, bilaterally or multilaterally within the UKRI-BBSRC remit. In doing this we request that you are: (a) mindful of the UK Government's Integrated Review, including the countries identified and the context in which those countries are highlighted; and (b) leading research nations that offer the opportunity to advance the UK's world class bioscience research through international collaboration. Activities must not have a primary purpose to deliver a specific development objective with a named DAC list country. The Research Operations Office cannot set up new collaboration agreements so please keep requests simple and clearly within the remit of the call and the BBSRC. Please contact ROO with any queries regarding the application process.

Posted on 07/10/2022

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