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Why join Cambridge Neuroscience?

>800 current members

Regular e-bulletin

Keep up to date with Neuroscience research in Cambridge

Publicise your research, events, grants and awards

Training opportunities

Annual Symposia

Invitations to talks, seminars and events

Interdisciplinary workshops

Public engagement opportunities

Invitations to interact with Industry and Policy professionals

Social events through CamBRAIN

Network with PostDocs through PNN

Personal research profile with linked news items

Searchable directory – assist with research collaborations

Job opportunities

>10,000 website visitors per week

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If you are engaged in neuroscience related research at the University of Cambridge then you are invited to join the Cambridge Neuroscience community. Simply submit a profile on our website - you will then receive our monthly e.bulletin updating you on community news with invitations to forthcoming neuroscience talks, seminars, workshops and events. Your research profile will be visible on our website, which receives over 10,000 visitors per week and contains a searchable directory of all members to assist with research collaborations. 


Cambridge Neuroscience is a designated Interdisciplinary Research Centre within the University of Cambridge. We support collaboration between experts in the diverse and related fields of neuroscience and promote neuroscience research taking place in Cambridge. A 2014 RAND bibliometric report on Cambridge neuroscience suggested “that research performance has continuously been high, and substantially above world averages. The benchmarking results clearly indicate that Cambridge Neuroscience has reinforced its position as one of the leading institutions in the UK working in the area of neuroscience”. Our Cambridge Neuroscience research community currently consists of 792 scientists (including 308 Principal Investigators), all of whom are whom are actively engaged in neuroscience research and working at University of Cambridge and affiliated Institutes. 


In order to qualify to join our community you should be:

1. Actively engaged in neuroscience research (graduate student level and above)

2. Affiliated with the University of Cambridge.

It is a simple and quick process to become a member. Simply visit our homepage and click on the join button (top right hand side) and enter your profile information.


Posted on 21/10/2015

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