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Restricted calls: Wellcome Trust University Awards in ‘Medical History and Humanities’ and ‘Society and Ethics’ 2015

Restricted calls: Wellcome Trust University Awards in ‘Medical History and Humanities’ and ‘Society and Ethics’ 2015

The Wellcome Trust invites applications for University Awards in its ‘Medical History and Humanities’ and ‘Society and Ethics’ schemes. University Awards enable universities to attract or retain outstanding research staff at an early or mid-stage in their careers by providing support for up to five years, after which time the award holder takes up a guaranteed permanent post in the University.

A monograph or other substantial publications are expected to result from an award, and so teaching and other non-research commitments are expected to be minimal during the period of full Wellcome Trust support.

Funding: Up to five years support, providing full salary for three years, 50% in the fourth year and 25% in the fifth year. Travel expenses are provided for five years and research expenses for three years.

Eligibility: Support is normally only available at lecturer level (senior-lecturer level in exceptional cases). If you are remaining in your current institution, you should not be in an established academic post at the time an application for an award is made.

The candidate must be nominated by the prospective Head of Institution (Department/Faculty/Institute) and have an undertaking from the Vice-Chancellor demonstrating the University’s commitment to your research field and that the University will provide 50% salary costs in year four, 75% in year five and full salary at the end of the award.

Vice-Chancellor Support Letters: Applications to these calls require support letters from the Vice-Chancellor. Requests for support letters must be sent to, copying to your School Office, by 05 December 2014. Requests must include:

  • A draft support letter (see guidance available through the link below)
  • A short outline of the proposal
  • A support letter from their Head of Department, Faculty or Institute
  • A letter from their Head of School including evidence of the approval of the salary contributions and permanent post (for joint appointments across Schools, one joint letter of support will be accepted)

Letters of support from the Vice-Chancellor will not be provided without evidence of Institutional and School approval. For further information on the Vice-Chancellor Support Letter procedure see:

Funder Deadline: 23 January 2015

For further details, including full eligibility requirements, please read the Wellcome Trust’s guidance for the individual calls:

Posted on 29/10/2014

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