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A strong Cambridge Neuroscience presence at Society for Neuroscience, 17th - 21st October, 2009, Chicago

With a high number of Cambridge neuroscientists presenting, chairing and discussing at the meeting, including:

Professor Daniel Wolpert (from the Department of Engineering, Cambridge) delivered the Fred Kavli Distinguished International Scientist Lecture on 'Moving in an Uncertain World: Computational Principles of Human Motor Control'

Dr. Sadaf Farooqi (Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Cambridge) delivered a special lecture entitled 'Genetic, Molecular, and Physiological Mechanisms Involved in Human Obesity'

Professor Barbara Sahakian (Department of Psychiatry, Cambridge) contributed to the 'Social Issues Roundtable discussion on Engaging the Public on Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications of Neuroscience Research' 

Dr. Hugh Robinson (Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience, Cambridge) delivered a symposium talk, entitled "Dissecting gamma frequency synchronization in the cortex using dynamic conductance injection" 

and Professor Seth Grant (Sanger Centre, Cambridge) chaired the Symposium session entitled 'Origins and Evolution of Brain and Behavior'

Cambridge Neuroscience was well represented at the SFN meeting last year too - where Professor Christine Holt delivered a special developmental lecture and Professor Mike Bate delivered the Fred Kavli Distinguished International Scientist Lecture whilst Dr. Joff Lee and Dr. Amy Milton presented at the reconsolidation mini symposium.

For more information about Society for Neuroscience please follow the link.

Posted on 23/10/2009

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