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Abstract deadline next week - 4th Wellcome Trust Epigenomics of Common Diseases

The 4th Wellcome Trust Epigenomics of Common Diseases conference will bring together leading scientists from the fields of epigenomics, genetics and bioinformatics to discuss the latest developments in this fast-moving field.

Epigenomics of Common Diseases
28-31 October 2014
Churchill College, Cambridge, UK
Abstract and Bursary deadline: 9 September 2014 | Registration deadline: 30 September 2014

Epigenetic variation plays an important role in all disease processes in addition to cancer. Technological advancements have revealed significant associations between changes to the epigenome and the development of many diseases, but causality has not yet been established. The growing list of disease-associated epigenetic changes continues to emphasize the importance of understanding the role of the epigenome in disease regulation.

This meeting will focus on epigenomic studies across a wide range of common and other diseases. It will  explore the validation and replication of epigenome-wide association studies, and discuss the latest functional studies and model systems to understand epigenomic regulation. The 2014 programme will also include a debate on transgenerational epigenetic inheritance.

We welcome abstracts from all areas relevant to epigenetic and epigenomic research. Several oral presentations will be chosen from the abstracts submitted.

Topics will include:
Epigenomics of disease
Model systems: animal and cellular models
Epigenetic gene regulation
Epigenetic epidemiology
Transgenerational epigenomics
Integration of genomics and epigenomics
Informatics and technology
Environmental epigenomics
Single cell epigenomics

Posted on 03/09/2014

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