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Opportunity to collaborate with artist on a 'Neuron Cloud'


I am contacting you in the hope that you may be able to help me find a neuroscientist willing to help and advise an artist seeking to make sculpture and installations focusing on neurons and neural networks. This would be a voluntary, non-commercial collaboration which would culminate in a large scale installation focusing on the brain and the architecture of neurons inside it. Full credit would of course be given to the advising scientist.

I create sculpture and installations from hand or laser cut paper directly inspired by science (my website: My most recent work focused on the Human Microbiome and is being shown at a Wellcome Trust funded exhibition at the Eden Project in Cornwall ( My work will also be exhibited internationally this summer in Holland and the USA.

My current project is to create a large scale hanging installation made from several hundred laser cut paper neurons provisionally entitled "Neuron Cloud" which shows the incredible scale, beauty and complexity of this usually hidden world. Colour could be used to delineate different regions of the brain and video projection used to remind us that the brain is the seat of both memory and self. To view some early small scale maquettes please follow the link below:

I would also like to create smaller wall-based works showing the structure of neurons in, for example, the human eye.

The ultimte goal of this project is to use art as a bridge between science and the general public and to develop understanding of the human body through a high-impact, immersive visual experience.

If you know of any scientists interested in art who may be willing to give up a little time to advise on such a project I would be extremely grateful.

If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards

Rogan Brown (

Posted on 29/05/2015

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