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Forget Me Knot

The ‘Forget Me Knot’ evening was part of a programme of events to support the re-opening of the ‘Who am I?’ gallery at the Science museum. The event was held at the Science Museum’s Dana Centre, a purpose built venue in London that hosts informative adult-only events, which connect contemporary science, technology, and culture.

The aim of the ‘Forget Me Knot’ evening was to discuss memory, why it can sometimes let us down, and ways in which drugs, technology, and techniques can enhance our ability to recall.  The event comprised three speakers, a comedian facilitator (Rosie Wilby), and interactive memory games.

Aiden Horner (UCL) started off the evening by explaining memory from a psychologist’s point of view. Charlotte Housden (Cambridge Neuroscience, pictured left) then discussed the development of drugs to treat memory impairments in those with psychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders, the use of these drugs by ‘healthy’ individuals, and the ethical issues surrounding this. Graham Pike (Open University) finished off the evening by demonstrating how bad we are at remembering faces, and discussed the use of technology to aid face recognition in eye witness testimony.

Charlotte Housden commented:

‘Everyone who attended got involved; we had some enthusiastic audience participation as well as many insightful questions. I really enjoyed being part of the event, and learnt a great deal myself.’

For information regarding future Dana Centre events, please click here.

Posted on 19/07/2010

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