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Healthcare Portfolio Day: Neurodegenerative Diseases - Call for Expressions of Interest

The EPSRC is organising a Portfolio Day focussing on Neurodegenerative Diseases on the 11 February 2010, giving researchers, stakeholders and users an opportunity to influence the direction of future research for EPSRC within this healthcare area.

Definition of Neurodegenerative Diseases:

Neurodegenerative diseases are a varied assortment of central nervous system disorders characterised by the gradual and progressive loss of neural tissue or nerve cells.

EPSRC Research Topics that are relevant to this day include:

Modelling and Simulation, Brain Sciences, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Cognitive Science, Vision, Hearing and Other Senses, Artificial Intelligence, Drug Formulation and Delivery, Neural Computing, Materials Research, Signal Processing and Imaging.

A total of three Healthcare related Portfolio Days are planned in: Degenerative Joint Disease (the call for Expressions of Interest is now closed), Neurodegenerative Diseases (the current call) and Cardiovascular Disease (a call for Expressions of Interest will be published on the EPSRC website in the near future).

Please note that EPSRC does not expect applicants to attend more than one of the Portfolio Days. Expressions of Interest to attend the final Portfolio Day (Cardiovascular Disease) will be published on the EPSRC website in early December 2009.

Closing date for Expressions of Interest: 12pm Tuesday 5 January 2010

We are also asking all participants and interested parties to complete a Bristol Online Survey (BOS). We would encourage participants to ask their industrial and/or international collaborators to complete the survey to ensure we have captured a wide range of views. The survey will close at 12pm on the 26 January 2010 to allow the evidence to be collated and distributed to the Independent Panel prior to the Neurodegenerative Diseases Portfolio Day being held on the 11 February 2010.

Please access the BOS through the link below:

For further information please click here.

Posted on 27/11/2009

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