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Call now open for nominations for the 2015 BNA Prizes

19 Oct 2015 - Nominations are invited for the BNA prizes, 'Outstanding Contribution to Neuroscience' and 'Public Understanding of Neuroscience'. The deadline for receiving these is 23rd October 2015.


Each year, the BNA awards the following prizes:



This is not intended to be a 'lifetime achievement' award.  Most of the recipients have been active researchers and teachers at the time of the award.  The individual must have made a significant impact in their field of work (which can be in any area of neuroscience, neurology or mental health research).  In addition to their research work, which must be of international calibre, the recipients should also have demonstrated their influence to the advancement of neuroscience by their participation on high-level committees and workgroups in the UK and elsewhere.


The recipient can be an individual or an organisation.  Individuals will not normally be active neuroscientists or neurologists, but this is not a requirement.  The main requirement is that they have made a significant contribution over a number of years to the communication of neuroscience research to the general public.  Previous recipients have been authors, carers, charity workers, communicators, media representatives and patients.


Your nominations should include:

·         The award you are nominating the person for

·         Name and place of work

·         Brief description of their work and why you think they should receive the prize (250-300 words)


You may nominate more than one person for each award.  Please send your nomination to by 23rd October 2015.    

Further details and a list of previous prize winners can be found here.

The prizes will be awarded at the BNA Christmas Symposium in London on Monday 14 December.

Posted on 21/10/2015

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