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'Pint of Science' Festival - Cambridge 14th-16th May - BBC Radio coverage

A new science festival called ‘Pint of Science’ is set to hit Cambridge later this month. It allows cutting-edge researchers to give public talks about their work in the relaxed setting of local pubs. Broad topics for discussion will include the brain, the body, and biotechnology.

A number of researchers from Cambridge Neuroscience will be participating in the ‘brain’ lecture series which will take place at The Portland Arms on Chesterton Road. Dr Karen Ersche will be speaking about her recent work, which tries to understand why some people become addicted to drugs like cocaine while some do not and Dr Amy Milton will focus on some of the anti-relapse treatments currently available, and new therapies in development that attempt to erase the 'cue-drug' memories that promote relapse. Other Cambridge Neuroscientists including Dr Becky Inkster and Professor Ian Cross will explore the portrayal of mental health stigma in hip-hop music while on the last night, speakers will take an in-depth look at the efficacy of current treatments for psychiatric conditions, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and drug therapy.

All Pint of Science events are free to attend but require online booking. Further details of talk dates and ticket reservations can be found here. The event is proudly associated with the Cambridge Science Festival.

Coverage of Tuesday 14th May: Click here to listen to Dr Hannah Critchlow and Jo Balfour talk about the Festival on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Breakfast (starts at 1 hour 55 minutes) while Dr Amy Milton and Dr Dickon Bevington talk about addiction (2 hours and 36 minutes in), the topic for May 14th's event at The Portland Arms. The 'Brain' part of the Pint of Science Festival will feature on BBC Radio Cambridge every morning of the festival - Tune in! If you are unable to attend the festival, podcasts will be available on Naked Neuroscience in due course.

Coverage of Wednesday 15th May: Click here to listen to Dr Hannah Critchlow talk about this evening's event (starts at 1 hour 51 minutes) with Professor Ian Cross and Dr Becky Inkster, when the topic will be music and the evolving brain.

More BBC national coverage of the Pint of Science Festival can be seen here.

Posted on 03/05/2013

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