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What do experts think we should do to achieve brain health?

Professor Barbara Sahakian was invited to write an article for Sir John Beddington, previous Government Chief Scientific Adviser, on the subject of achieving brain health for a flourishing society within the next decade. This will require integration and expertise from a number of different areas, including neuroscience, innovation and technology. Experts from the world of from these fields have contributed their ideas are these are presented here. In addition, she was asked to write a piece based on this article for The Conversation, entitled ‘Five brain challenges we can overcome in the next decade’.

Professor Sahakian was interviewed on the BBC Radio 4 Today Programme (28/4/14) talking about the future challenges for neuroscience. It can be reached via this link (2 hours 55 minutes into the broadcast): (no longer available online)


Posted on 06/05/2014

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