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Feedback from the Cambridge Networks and Neuroscience Symposium, 23rd Oct 2008

The Kaetsu Centre reached close to full capacity, with over 100 people attending, from over 30 different Departments and Institutes across the University.

The diverse audience of Computer Scientists, Physicists, Mathematicians and Neuroscientists from the University of Cambridge converged at Murray Edwards College to explore network analysis and their applications for neuroscience.

The meeting was a great success with interesting questions and discussion during the breaks.

Feedback from attendees indicated that 83 % of participants thought that the content and format was 'excellent', whilst the remainder commented that it was 'satisfactory'. Promisingly, 84 % of people stated that they 'had made useful contacts at the event'.

We would particularly like to thank Professor Luis Amaral, from Northwestern University, USA, for presenting the Plenary Lecture.

Kind thanks also go to our sponsors; Cambridge Computational Biology Institute, Cambridge Neuroscience, Physics of Medicine and Research Services Division.

The programme booklet, with abstracts, is available here in PDF format.

Where available, the slideshow presentations can be accessed in PDF format by clicking on the links below.

Molecular Networks, Chaired by Professor Ed Bullmore

1. Dr. Madan Babu - MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Dissecting the dynamics of transcriptional regulatory dynamics

2. Professor Zoubin Ghahramani (Department of Engineering)

Causal network structure identification in nonlinear dynamical systems

3. Dr. Pietro Lio / Emanuel Schwarz (Computer Laboratory / Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology)

Combining molecular and physiological data from complex psychiatric disorders

Molecular to Micro Networks, Chaired by Professor Steve Oliver

4. Professor Ray Goldstein (DAMTP)

Evolution of biological complexity and multicellular phototaxis

5. Dr. Bertie Gottgens (Cambridge Institute for Medical Research)

Transcriptional networks controlling blood stem cells

6. Dr Lorenz Wernisch (MRC Biostatistics Unit)

Inference for stochastic models

7. Dr Aldo Faisal (Department of Engineering)

How molecules constrain networks

Micro to Macro Networks, Chaired by Professor Daniel Wolpert

8. Dr. David Parker (Department of Physiology Development and Neuroscience)

Complexities and uncertainties of neuronal network analyses

9. Dr. Stephen Eglen (DAMTP)

Spontaneous neural activity in the developing nervous system.

10. Dr Mate Lengyel (Department of Engineering)

Learning and memory in neural networks: statistically optimal computations

Macro Networks, Chaired by Professor Peter Littlewood

11. Dr. Rik Henson (MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit)

Small, network models of effective connectivity in the human brain: evidence from fMRI and MEG

12. Professor Ed Bullmore (Brain Mapping Unit, Department of Psychiatry)

Cost-efficiency of complex human brain networks

13. Professor Luis Amaral (Northwestern University, USA)

Towards a cartography of complex biological systems


Posted on 30/10/2008

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