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Jacques Monod Conference: Optical Imaging of Brain Structure and function on multiple spatial scales

Optical imaging of brain structure and function on multiple

spatial scales

To be held in Roscoff (Brittany), France, June 11-15, 2014

This international conference will bring together scientists studying brain function on multiple different scales with physicists and neuroscientists that develop and use new tools. The meeting will cover the following 3 main topics:

•           New methods for studying brain structure and function
•           Synaptic mechanisms and integration
•           Network structure and information processing

Roscoff is at a beautiful and convenient location and has excellent facilities for the prestigious Jacques Monod conference series. Confirmed speakers include:

AHRENS Misha (Ashburn, USA)
Whole-brain functional imaging and motor learning in the larval zebrafish

BITO Haruhiko (Tokyo, Japan)
Imaging and manipulating active neuronal ensembles

BUREAU Ingrid (Marseille, France)
Mapping the plasticity within neuronal circuits of the somatosensory cortex induced by associative learning

CHARPAK Serge (Paris, France)
Distribution of PO2 in the brain of awake mice

CHOQUET Daniel (Bordeaux, France)
AMPA receptor trafficking and organization in health and disease

COSSART Rosa (Marseille, France)
Large scale imaging of hippocampal network dynamics in the adult awake mouse

DEISSEROTH Karl (Stanford, USA)
Optical deconstruction of fully-assembled biological systems

DIEUDONNé Stéphane (Paris, France)
Optogenetic dissection of the granular layer transfer function

DIGREGORIO David (Paris, France)
Dendritic computations by interneuron dendrites

EMILIANI Valentina (Paris, France)
In vivo patterned optogenetics

HALLERMANN Stefan (Leipzig; Germany)
Presynaptic calcium dynamics at cerebellar mossy fibre boutons.

HÄUSSER Michael (London, UK)
Dendritic computation

HELMSTAEDTER Moritz (Martinsried, Germany)
Connectomics: the dense reconstruction of neuronal circuits

JONAS Peter (Klosterneuburg, Austria)
Signaling in GABAergic interneurons of the hippocampus

KONNERTH Arthur (München, Germany)
Dendritic integration in cortical and hippocampal neurons in vivo

LOSONCZY Attila (New-York, USA)
Functional subdivisions in the GABAergic septohippocampal pathway of behaving mice

MARTY Alain (Paris, France)
Variations in release statistics among single GABAergic synapses reflect variable numbers of vesicular docking sites

MIESENBOCK Gero (Oxford, UK)
Light Sleep

MULLE Christophe (Montpellier, France)
Physiology of Glutamatergic Synapses

MRSIC-FLOGEL Thomas (London, UK)
Visual processing in mouse visual cortex

NAGERL Valentin (Bordeaux, France)
Superresolution imaging of synaptic dynamics

NUSSER Zoltan (Budapest, Hungary)
Structure and function of central synapses

SCANZIANI Massimo (La Jolla, USA)
Investigating visual processing with optogenetics

SCHAEFER Andreas (Heidelberg, Germany)
Rapid information processing in the olfactory system

SILVER Angus (London, UK)
Measuring neuronal and network signaling in 3D with Acousto-Optic Lens microscopy

Svoboda Karel (Ashburn, USA)
Imaging the neural circuits underlying active tactile sensation

TAKAHASHI Tomoyuki (Doshisha, Japan)
Imaging vesicle traffics in calyceal presynaptic terminals in culture

WYART Claire (Paris, France)
Dissection of spinal circuits underlying locomotion

YASUDA Ryohei (Jupiter, USA)
Imaging signal transduction in single dendritic spines


Additional speakers will be selected from abstracts.


Deadline for application: March 3, 2014

Registration fee (including board and lodging)

400 € for PhD students

650 € for other participants

Applications should be sent by e-mail to the conference chairperson (

It should comprise in one single pdf:

           - Curriculum vitae

           - List of key publications during the 3 last years

           - Abstract of presentation

For student and postdoc applicants please mention whether you would like to be considered for a bursary.


Angus Silver (

Christophe Mulle (

Chair and vice-chair of the 2014 Jacques Monod conference on " Optical imaging of brain structure and function on multiple spatial scales".

Posted on 07/02/2014

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