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BNA2017 Festival of Neuroscience - Registration now open!


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"Attending and contributing to meetings such as BNA2017 Festival of Neuroscience is core to a career in science.  They provide the opportunity to discuss findings, discover fresh insights on your work, meet researchers from around the world and learn the latest developments in the field." 

"BNA2017 is one of the largest international neuroscience meetings in Europe in 2017, and presents the ideal opportunity for neuroscientists around the world to discuss their science and their ideas, across both discipline boundaries and national borders."

John Isaac, Head of Neuroscience and Mental Health, The Wellcome Trust

The BNA will be holding its international FESTIVAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 10-13 April 2017 at the ICC, Birmingham. Follow links on the left (or above if viewing on a mobile) to explore the event.

The Physiological SocietyThe BNA is delighted to be working with our BNA2017 Festival PartnerThe Physiological Society.  As well as supporting the meeting as a whole, TPS is convening a strand running through the Festival on 'The Neurobiology of Stress', marking the society's year of stress physiology.

Key Features of BNA2017

BNA2017 delegates can expect a jam-packed scientific programme with the top experts in their field offering research findings from the hottest topics in neuroscience, as well as many other activites including public events and workshops.

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Programme Committee

Chair: Thelma Lovick, University of Birmingham
John Aggleton, Cardiff University
Duncan Banks, Open University
Peter Brophy, University of Edinburgh
Bob Burgoyne, University of Liverpool
Trevor Bushell, University of Strathclyde
Val Curran, UCL
Bill Deakin, University of Manchester
Sue Deuchars, University of Leeds
Annette Dolphin, UCL
Mayank Dutia, University of Edinburgh
Russell Foster,  University of Oxford
Gary Gilmour, Eli Lilly
Jenni Harvey, University of Dundee
Megan Holmes, University of Edinburgh
Christine Holt, University of Cambridge
Anya Hurlbert, UCL
Anthony Isles, Cardiff University
Kate Jeffery, UCL
John Jefferys, University of Oxford
Ros Langston, University of Dundee

Stafford Lightman, University of Bristol
Rob Lucas, University of Manchester
Bridget Lumb, University of Bristol
Paul Matthews, Imperial College London
Mitul Mehta, KCL
Mary Morrell, Imperial College London
Kia Nobre, University of Oxford
David Nutt, Imperial College London
Mike Owen, Cardiff University
Alan Palmer, MS Therapeutics Ltd
Narender Ramnani, RHUL
Hans Reul, University of Bristol
Trevor Robbins, University of Cambridge
John Rothwell, UCL
Attila Sik, University of Birmingham
Trevor Smart, UCL
Ian Stanford, Aston University
Kate Storey, University of Dundee
Emil Toescu, University of Birmingham
Irene Tracey, University of Oxord
Mark Ungless, Imperial College London

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Local Organising Committee

Rhein Parri - Aston University
Eric Hill, Aston University
Serena Antonio, Aston University
Dan Fulton, University of Birmingham
Charlotte Flavell, University of Birmingham
Andy Powell, Birmingham City University

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Festival contacts

We are working with Neurofest17 Ltd to organise the BNA2017 Festival of Neurosience, and they will be ready to answer any enquires you have.

General enquiries: bna2017enquiries@neurofest17.co.uk   Tel. 01704 550970 / 07970 247401

Exhibition: caroline.griffiths@neurofest17.co.uk

Sponsorship: yvonne.allen@neurofest17.co.uk  

Registration and abstract submission: bna2017enquiries@neurofest17.co.uk

Scientific programme: yvonne.allen@neurofest17.co.uk

BNA2017 is an event of the British Neuroscience Association Ltd, Company Limited by Guarantee. Registered in England No 04307833, Charity number 1103852
The BNA’s trading subsidiary is BNA Events Ltd, registered in England number 07784689
Registered address: 1-3 Crosby Road South, Liverpool, L22 1RG.

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Posted on 23/08/2016

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