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Pride of Cambridge at the Cambridge Festival - Looking for LGBTQ+ researchers

As part of the Cambridge Festival next year, Craig Brierley will be once again running “Pride of Cambridge”, an event aimed at showcasing our LGBTQ+ researchers.


The event is intended as a fascinating, fun and informal event where researchers give short talks about their research and their experiences of being LGBTQ+ in academia. The event will take place on the evening of Thursday 23 March 2023 at The Blue Moon in Cambridge.


Craig is looking for people from all disciplines across the University. It doesn’t matter whether they’re a quantum physicist, molecular biologist, social anthropologist or art historian – He just needs people who are passionate about their subject, can explain it clearly to a public audience, and are willing to talk about their personal experiences. He is looking for researchers at any level – from PhD students to postdocs to lab and group leaders. You will only need to talk for a maximum of 15 min.


Posted on 05/12/2022

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