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Dr Asya Rolls speaking 'Manipulating the brain to control immunity'

There is an extra neuroscience seminar, hosted by the glia club, on Monday 9th of April 4:30pm at the Hodgkin-Huxley Seminar Room PDN (Physiology building) Downing Site.


The speaker is Dr Asya Rolls HHMI-Wellcome Trust International Researcher at the Technion- Israel Institute of Technology


Title: Manipulating the brain to control immunity


Abstract: Thoughts and emotions can impact physiology. This connection is evident by the emergence of disease following stress or recovery in response to placebo treatment. Nevertheless, this fundamental aspect of physiology remains largely unexplored. We have recently shown that activation of the brain’s reward system, which is active during positive emotional states and positive expectations, boosts anti-bacterial immunity. In this talk, I will discuss how brain activity can regulate anti-tumor immunity and the potential implications for cancer therapy. 


If you like to meet with the speaker beforehand please contact Thora (rk385@cam.ac.uk).

Posted on 06/04/2018

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