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Addenbrookes Hospital is set to launch a cutting-edge hyper-acute stroke research centre in October 2010

The aim of the new hyper-acute research centre is to provide round-the-clock access to research staff and advanced brain-scanning equipment, so that stroke patients can take part in clinical research trials for breakthrough stroke treatments seven days-a-week. There is considerable evidence that, with stroke conditions, early access to treatment improves a patient’s chances of recovery.

The Cambridge hyper-acute stroke research centre will be staffed by a multidisciplinary team made up of clinical stroke specialists, clinical research nurses, radiographers, neuroradiologists and neurosurgeons within Cambridge Neurosciences

Cambridge Neuroscientist Dr Liz Warburton will be leading research centre team and explained:

"this is great news for stroke patients who will have more opportunities to participate in stroke research - something we know is highly valued from previous experience".

"Setting up this unit is a tribute to the track record of clnicians and scientists within Cambridge neurosciences / addenbrookes in stroke related research"

The hyper-acute stroke research centre will also help position the UK as a world leader in commercial and academic hyper-acute stroke research.

The centre has been made possible by significant developments in both stroke care, and the capacity of the NHS to carry out research into the condition.  The National Stroke Strategy which was published in December 2007 requires that patients with suspected acute stroke have access to an immediate structured clinical assessment and rapid access to brain-scanning equipment.  Over recent years, a number of NHS Trusts, including  Addenbrookes, have developed specialist “fast-response” stroke units capable of delivering “clot-busting” thrombolysis treatment to eligible patients within the short time from the onset of stroke symptoms that the drug is licensed for.  At the same time the number of patients participating in stroke clinical trials has more than doubled since 2006.  These developments in strategy, facilities, expertise and research have created the necessary conditions for the new hyper-acute stroke research centres to be set up.

Posted on 28/06/2010

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