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Call for proposal by the GSK Biopharmaceutical Innovation group

Please find below and attached details of a Call for proposal by the GSK Biopharmaceutical Innovation group for preclinical collaborative projects (up to £600k over 2 years) utilising their AlbudAb half-life extension platform.

Please note, small molecules are excluded from this call. 

If you are interested in applying for this call please let Dr Jana Voigt know ( by 7th March 2014, so that we can arrange a seminar in Cambridge in April/May to present and discuss the AlbudAb technology further.

The deadline for the submission of outlines to this call is 2nd June 2014 .


Funding Opportunity: 

·         The funding, up to £300,000/ year for a two year period in the first instance,  will be made available to  selected  research project(s) of interest. Successful applicants will also be given access to the AlbudAbTM technology for research purposes including; materials, technology transfer and technical advice/ support as required.

·         We would welcome proposals for funding from academic Investigators at your University/ Institution with research interests near to or approaching a translational phase.

·         In particular we are looking for preclinical projects that may benefit from the AlbudAbTM serum half-life extension technology and  its  potential application to future therapeutic purposes, including:

1. Novel peptides, proteins or other biological entities that could demonstrate significant clinical benefit if fused/ conjugated with antibody fragment-based serum half life extension technologies

2. The ability of serum half life extension technologies to impact a biopharmaceutical molecules distribution and potency

Next Steps:

·         Please find enclosed:

1. A document setting out more details of the call for  proposals, the timelines for the application process as well as the preliminary request form;

2. An information sheet  providing more  background to the AlbudAbTM technology itself.

·         We would appreciate you to forwarding this information to any Investigators within the University which you think may be interested in gaining access to the technology and associated funding for their research. 

Scientific  Seminar to discuss AlbudAbTM technology with your Investigators:

We would be very happy  to arrange with you a time between now and April/ May to  a visit the University to give a  scientific  seminar  in which our scientists can present the AlbudAbTM  technology in more detail,  and at which  your  Investigators will be free to ask questions about the  technology as well as the funding proposal application process.

Posted on 25/02/2014

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