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The BNA 2021 Festival of Neuroscience call for submissions is now open!

The 2021 Festival of Neuroscience call for submissions is now open!

Help shape YOUR Festival!

Submission deadline = 1st March 2020.

In April 2021, in partnership with the UK Dementia Research Institute, and a plethora of partners societies, the British Neuroscience Association will host its fifth Festival of Neuroscience, this time taking neuroscience to the seaside in Brighton, UK.

The ambition and scope of the BNA Festivals make them unparalleled across neuroscience. There are two aspects of the Festivals which make them unique:

  • They bring together multiple organisations with an interest in brain research at a single, shared event, creating a novel, multi-organisation forum featuring all areas of fundamental research in neuroscience and psychology, from both academia and the commercial sector, plus clinical expertise in neurology and psychiatry.
  • In addition to being an international science conference, a full programme of public events takes place as well. Past Festivals have seen a rap performance about consciousness, lunchtime talks, sessions in schools, and much more.


How to be part of the BNA2021 scientific programme

What topics, speakers, research and techniques do you want featured at BNA2021?  What did you feel was missing from last time?  By submitting proposals you will help shape the content of the 2021 Festival of Neuroscience.

There are two options for having a session in the scientific programme: 


Each symposium covers a specific area of neuroscience research.  A symposium is 100 minutes in length and consists of four talks; each talk is therefore usually 20-25 minutes long.  However, the time can be divided up differently, e.g. four 15-20 minute talks followed by 20 minute panel discussion.  Two of the speakers should co-chair the session.  There is space for 30-36 symposia in the Festival programme


Workshops should focus on topics of wide interest (e.g. policy, careers, funding, grant-writing, publishing, reproducibility, short courses, neuroethics etc.)  Each workshop is 100 minutes in length.  Their format can include presentations, panel Q&A, small group discussion, worked examples, or other formats. Workshop organisers can also provide materials to attendees prior to the session.  There are usually 3-5 workshops in the Festival Programme.

Deadline for submissions = 1st March 2020

Click here to submit your BNA2021 session proposal

*All symposia need to meet the guidelines and be reviewed by the Programme Organising Committee before being accepted into the programme.

Posted on 24/01/2020

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