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Would you like to take part in a communication study?

Zoe Zawada is conducting a study on communication media as part of her MPhil in Social and Developmental Psychology. The study is on communication and you will be asked to fill in a survey, watch a video clip and have a conversation over a type of communication medium. The study takes about 40 minutes and you will be paid £4 for your assistance, as well as sweets and chocolates! The study is at the Psychology Department on the New Museum Site, 1st Floor . 

As the study looks at conversation she will be testing people in pairs, so if possible please bring along anyone else you think would be interested. However if it is not possible this is still absolutely fine and she will match you up with a partner. Your name will be revealed to the other participant taking part in the study, but no other personal details will be disclosed.  If you would like to take part please sign up using the following link  or alternatively email Zoe at

Posted on 25/04/2013

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