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Funding: Ferblanc Applications for 2020 grants are now welcomed.


Grant Guidelines 

Applications for 2020 grants are now welcomed.

The deadline is 5pm Friday 13th March 2020. Decisions will be made by early May.

See Guide and Application form for details.

Ferblanc hopes to see communication and data shared between global neurological research facilities so that development can be truly worldwide, accelerating advancement and finding cures to these disorders.  We intend to launch an online platform so that the publications of research projects can be made available to everyone in the sector.

Ferblanc has to date sought out projects and visited institutions, laboratories and researchers before making grants and has continued to monitor their impact.

As our organisation grows, individuals and research organisations seeking funding can apply using our online application form. The Board of Trustees, supported where required by the Medical Council, will make the decision to award grants.  The Trustees will consider the applications based on relevance to Ferblanc’s objectives and the availability of funds. Applicants should demonstrate that they already publish the results of their research or are willing to do so.

Key Points

  • Ferblanc reserves the right not to process your application if you are ineligible to be an applicant or the subject of your proposal does not fall within our remit. Ferblanc’s willingness to consider the application in no way implies that support will be forthcoming.

  • Ferblanc receives a high number of applications and sadly due to budgetary constraints it cannot fund every project regardless of the outcome of peer reviews.

  • Ferblanc reserves the right to make the final decision on which projects it chooses to support.

  • If there are any ties on intellectual property rights or publications arising from the research you undertake, please contact Ferblanc for advice. Restrictions on intellectual property may affect your eligibility to apply to Ferblanc.

  • Any queries, email:

The Medical Council

The Board of Trustees are supported where required by the Medical Council who will make the decision to award grants. 

All volunteered services, is formed of: 

  • Dr Alisdair Macnair (GP, Medical Council Chair and Ferblanc trustee)

  • Dr Ben Underwood (Consultant Psychiatrist, Clinical Director Windsor Research Unit, Division 4 Clinical Lead for CRN Eastern, Visiting Researcher Cambridge University Department of Psychiatry)

  • Mr Richard Mair (Clinical Lecturer in Neurosurgery at the University of Cambridge and an Honorary Senior Registrar in Neurosurgery at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge)

  • Mr Matthew Crocker (Consultant Neurosurgeon & Director of Neurosurgery, St George’s Hospital, London)

  • Dr Chris Allen (Consultant Neurologist, Director of the Addenbrooke’s Motor Neuron Disease Care & Research Centre)


Posted on 19/02/2020

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