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Pre-announcement – Restricted Call: RAEng Fellowships (indicative internal deadline: 05 August 2021)


Full details for the 2021/22 iteration of the scheme are not yet available and should be released once the call opens in early JulyThis notification is to bring the scheme to your attention and to outline the main eligibility points and requirements. The internal selection deadline and requirements, as well as any updates to this information, will be confirmed once the call opens in July. The details below are based on last year's call.


The Royal Academy of Engineering has announced that the 2021/22 round of the Research Fellowship scheme will open in early July 2021. Due to the usual short timeframe for the scheme, we are bringing this funding opportunity to your attention to allow prospective candidates sufficient time to prepare strong applications.


The RAEng Fellowships are offered to engineers whose work has the potential to bring radical innovation to their fields. The Academy seeks to appoint Fellows who clearly demonstrate the ability to build self-sustaining and internationally leading research and whose project has strong support from their Department.


Eligibility requirements:

  • Early career researchers who have been awarded their PhD Certificate (or whose PhD has been unconditionally approved) no more than four years prior to the funder's submission deadline.
  • The candidate must not hold a permanent academic position.
  • The proposed research project must be in an engineering subject area (civil, construction & environmental; materials & mining; chemical & process; aerospace; transport & mechanical; manufacturing & design; electrical & electronic; energy & power; medical & bioengineering; computing & communications).
  • Applicants who applied to this scheme before and were unsuccessful are eligible to reapply.


The scheme provides financial support for five years to encourage the best researchers to remain in the academic engineering sector. Last year, the Academy offered £500,000 per application over the five-year period at 80% fEC (full Economic Cost). Mentoring support is also available from an Academy Fellow to offer advice on research and career development, and opportunities for networking with other Research Fellows and Academy Fellows.


RAEng Research Fellowships can be held part-time, but must be the only form of employment. The request for a part-time Research Fellowship (at no less than 50% of full-time equivalent) must be made clear within the application.


University Internal selection:

In 2020, the University of Cambridge was allowed to submit up to three candidatesplus an additional candidate self-declared as belonging to a group that is persistently underrepresented within the engineering profession in the UK (this can be gender, ethnicity, social background, sexual orientation, or disability).

Please note that the 'plus one' application submitted under the underrepresented group does not go into a separate pool for selection (neither at the internal University stage nor by the funder) – scientific merit takes priority for all applications.


As in previous years, we expect that RAEng will cap the number of applicants per institution this year – we will circulate that information once it becomes available in early July. Therefore, this call will be managed according to the University's restricted calls procedure.


Due to the popularity of the scheme, Departments are asked to rank their internal applications and send their rankings and applications to by 05 August 2021. As before, applications from the Department of Engineering should be submitted by Divisions.


Internal applications submitted by departments/Engineering divisions should include:

  1. The internal selection form (an indicative form is attached for reference – the final version will be circulated once the call opens in July).
  2. The candidate's current CV (including a list of publications) – max 3 pages.
  3. A support letter from the Head of Department, or the Head of Division for the Department of Engineering, confirming
    1. their support for the project;
    2. agreement to host the grant;
    3. what support the department will provide to the candidate;
    4. why they are recommending the candidate for funding.

Please note that the support letter is an important element of the application process for this scheme (both at the internal selection process and the full submission stages). It is important that Departments that wish to sponsor an applicant provide strong letter of support clearly articulating how the Department will support the candidate's career establishment and progression.


NB: All applications should be submitted to the Research Strategy Office by departments/Engineering Divisions – individual candidates should contact their departments in the first place to obtain details about their departmental/divisional processes and deadlines.


Indicative funder deadline: late September 2021


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Posted on 23/06/2021

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