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Cambridge Neuroscientist awarded the prestigious James S McDonnell Foundation Award

Huge congratulations go to Jame Rowe who has been granted a James S McDonnell Foundation (JSMF) Scholar Award of $600,000 to study progress in understanding voluntary action, building on work at the Dept. Clinical Neurosciences and the Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge.

Voluntary action is fundamentally important to our lives, yet is often taken for granted until we are robbed of it by disease. With the support of the James S McDonnell Foundation James' program will  develop a neuroscientific understanding of voluntary action, drawing together recent innovations in dementia, neurodegeneration, cognitive neuroscience and computational biology.

Dr. James Rowe, pictured right, commented:

"It is a very exciting opportunity to build on collaborations between the department of Clinical Neurosciences and the Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, not only to understand the way people control their actions normally but also as a gateway to better treatments for patients in the future".

The James S McDonnell Foundation was founded in 1950 by aerospace pioneer James S. McDonnell. This Foundation was established to "improve the quality of life," and does so by contributing to the generation of new knowledge through its support of research and scholarship. The Foundation awards grants via the Foundation-initiated, peer-reviewed proposal processes described in the 21st Century Science Initiative.

James' project will commence later this year.

Posted on 05/07/2011

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