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PDN Masterclass - "Optogenetics in Neuroscience" - Wednesday 19th June

The second in the series of PDN Masterclasses & Techniques Colloquia will take place on Wednesday 19th at 5.30 pm in the tea room of the Gurdon Institute. On this session Martin O'Neill, Bill Stauffer (Wolfram Schultz´s lab) and Olivia Shipton (Ole Paulsen´s lab) will be speaking about "Optogenetics in neuroscience: Controlling brain and behaviour with light".

You can immerse yourself in the subject by reading:
1) Yizhar O, et al. 2011. "Optogenetics in Neural Systems." Neuron, 71, p9.
2) Deisseroth K. 2010. "Controlling the Brain with Light." Scientific
American, November, p49.

3) Bernstein JG, Boyden ES. 2011. "Optogenetic tools for analyzing the
neural circuits of behavior." Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 15(12) p592.

Cold beer & orange juice and pizza will be provided to create a nice atmosphere where people can stay and discuss about science as long as they want.

You can also find the last two masterclasses presentations on the PDN web-page:

Posted on 17/06/2013

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