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MQ funds five pioneering early-career scientists to take on mental illness

MQ funds five pioneering early-career scientists to take on mental illness

MQ are pleased to announce five new 2017 MQ Fellows.

Their projects present a truly interdisplinary and international approach to tackling mental health, with new research ranging from understanding how the environment impacts mental health to developing new treatment and prevention strategies.   

Three of our awards are co-funded, offering an exciting opportunity for collaboration to tackle the big questions in mental health across conditions and communities.

The 2017 MQ Fellows are: 

Clare Llewellyn at University College London will be looking at the impact of appetite and parental feeding practices in childhood on the development of eating disorders, so we can improve interventions and prevention strategies. 

Petra Vértes (pictured in the centre) at the University of Cambridge is exploring the biological processes of schizophrenia so we can create new targeted treatments.

Symon Kariuki at the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme will be working from his research site in Kenya to investigate the genetic risk factors in epilepsy and mental illness. His award is co-funded by The Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research at the Broad Institute. 

Teresa Tavassoli at the University of Reading is working to improve mental health in people with autism, looking at the impact of sensory symptoms on anxiety levels. Her award is co-funded by Autistica. 

Jessica Eccles at Brighton and Sussex Medical School, will developing a new therapy to treat anxiety in people who have hypermobility. Her award is co-funded with Arthritis Research UK.

Each Fellow will receive £225,000 of funding for their three-year project. 

Sophie Dix, Director of Research at MQ, commented:

“We’re delighted to be funding such an exciting cross-section of research in these five new Fellows. The work of these talented scientists has huge potential to uncover the vital insights we desperately need to improve mental health treatment and prevention.”

Read here for more information on how to apply for the MQ fellows award. 

Posted on 29/11/2017

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