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5th Cambridge Neuroscience Symposium - Imaging the Nervous System


9th-10th September 2015


West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge


5th Cambridge Neuroscience Symposium - Imaging the Nervous System - 9-10th September 2015

Cambridge Neuroscience is delighted to announce its 5th Cambridge Neuroscience Biennial Symposium, a two-day international special symposium focusing on “Imaging the Nervous System”, which will take place on 9th-10th September 2015, in the West Road Concert Hall in Cambridge.

Poster exhibition

There will be a poster exhibition held during the conference with generous prizes. Posters can cover any of the five themes of Cambridge Neuroscience

Please note that poster boards will be 1 metre (w) by 2 metres (h). Please note that the optimum size for posters is A0 portrait (i.e. 841mm (w) x 1189mm (h)). If your poster is already printed and does not fit these requirements, please contact Dervila Glynn. Abstract submission is now closed.

Reception and Gala Conference Dinner at King's College on 9th September 2015

There will be a drinks reception and conference dinner at King's College on 9th September.

Public Engagement Programme on 10th September 2015

The symposium will conclude with a public plenary lecture given by Professor Sarah-Jayne Blakemore (University College London) on September 10th, which will be followed by a reception and the Cambridge Neuroscience image competition exhibition.

Cambridge Neuroscience Image Competition & Exhibition 9-10th September 2015

There will be an image competition and exhibition that will be held during the conference. All shortlisted images will be printed and displayed during the conference when prizes will be awarded. Please submit your image for consideration (by a panel of judges) to Dervila Glynn (closing date Friday 14th August). For terms, conditions and further information, please click here

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                                 The Alan Hodgkin Lecture                                                                                The Andrew Huxley Lecture

                                  Professor Winfried Denk                                                                                   Professor Xiaowei Zhuang

                       Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology                                                                              Harvard University

                                      Martinsried, Germany                                                                                                           USA                

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Programme at a Glance

‘Imaging the Nervous System’

 Preliminary Symposium Programme

Symposium Day One: Wednesday 9th September 2015


Registration from 08.00

Opening of the Symposium

08.45-09.00         Opening address

                               Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, Vice-chancellor of the University of Cambridge

Session One: Building Neural Circuits

Chair: Professor Bill Harris

09.00-09.30           Professor Koichi Kawakami, National Institute of Genetics Japan               

                              The study of amygdalar and hippocampal functions in zebrafish 

09.30-10.00           Professor Jean Livet, École des Neurosciences Paris, France

                           Probing neural cell lineage and connectivity in situ with Brainbow

10.00-10.30         Professor Christine Holt, Department of PDN, University of Cambridge

                            Building connections: RNA dynamics in axon guidance

10.30-11.00         Refreshments                       


Session Two: Dense Reconstruction

Chair: Dr Matthias Landgraf

11.00-11.30         Dr Albert Cardona, Janelia Farm Research Campus, USA

                            The wiring diagram of a learning and memory centre in Drosophila

11.30-12.00         Dr Moritz Helmstaedter, Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology, Heidelberg,

                           Germany/Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, Frankfurt

                            Connectomics: The dense reconstruction of neuronal circuits

12.00-12.40         The Alan Hodgkin Lecture

                           Professor Winfried Denk, Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology, Martinsried, Germany

                            Mapping the brain's wiring: cellular connectomics using electron microscopy


12.40-14.10         Lunch, Poster Session and Trade exhibition


Session Three: Molecular and Physical Structure

Chair: Dr Ragnhildur Thora Karadottir

14.10-14.40         Dr Tuomas Knowles, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge

                            Biophysical approaches to probe protein aggregation

14.40-15.10           Dr Kristian Franze, Department of PDN, University of Cambridge                    

                               Imaging cellular forces and tissue mechanics 

15.10-15.40           Professor Helen Saibil, Birkbeck College, University of London, UK                      

                    Electron microscopy studies of protein misfolding and aggregation in cellular models of amyloid disease l 

15.40-16.10         Refreshments      


Session Four: Imaging Circuits at Work in association with Femtonics

Chair: Professor Ole Paulsen

16.10-16.40         Professor Florian Engert, Harvard University, USA

                           Modular neural circuit architecture for optic flow processing in the larval zebrafish

16.40-17.10         Dr Na Ji, Janelia Farm Research Campus, USA

                           From star to neuron - adaptive optical microscopy for deep brain imaging  

17.10-17.40         Professor Rafael Yuste, Colombia

                            The Novel Neurotechnologies: simultaneous 3D all-optical imaging and activation of neurons in living brains  

18.30-19.30         Reception at King’s College

19.30-22.30         Conference Dinner at King’s College, Cambridge


Symposium Day Two: Thursday 10th September 2015


Session Five: Clinical and Translational Imaging

Chair: Professor Angela Roberts

09.00-09.30         Professor Tim Behrens, University of Oxford, UK

                            Imaging cognitive mechanisms at the mesoscale in humans

09.30-10.00         Dr James Rowe, Department of Clinical Neurosciences, University of Cambridge

                             Imaging the nervous systems to understand and treat neurodegenerative disease

10.00-10.30         Professor Ned Kalin, University of Wisconsin, USA

                             Insights into novel early interventions from nonhuman primate translational studies of anxious temperament

10.30-11.00         Refreshments


Session Six: Super resolution in association with Laser 2000

Chair: Professor Clemens Kaminski

11.00-11.30         Professor Valentina Emiliani, CNRS and University Paris Descartes, France

All-optical readout and manipulation of neuronal activity by optical wave front shaping

11:30-12:00            Professor David Klenerman, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge

New insights into the molecular basis of neurodegenerative disease from single molecule imaging 

12:00-12:40            The Andrew Huxley Lecture

Professor Xiaowei Zhuang, Harvard University

Illuminating neurobiology at the nanoscale with super-resolution fluorescence microscopy  


12:40-14:10            Lunch, Poster Session and Trade Exhibition


Session Seven: Imaging Cognition in association with Siemens

Chair: Professor Susan Gathercole, Medical Research Council Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit

14:10-14:40            Professor Kia Nobre, University of Oxford

Attentional biases in the human brain 

14:40-15:10            Professor Zoe Kourtzi, Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge

Adaptive computations for flexible cognition in the human brain  

15:10-15:40            Professor Rainer Goebel, Maastricht University

Cracking Mesoscopic Coding Principles in the Human Brain with Ultr-High Magnetic Field MRI 

15:40-16:10            Refreshments

Session Eight: Transcending Levels

Chair: Professor Ed Bullmore, Department of Psychiatry

16:10-16:40            Professor Olaf Sporns, Indiana University

Connectomics across Scales and Species

16:40-17:10            Dr Nikolaus Kriegeskorte, MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge

Deep neural networks: a new framework for modelling brain information processing  

17:10-17:40            Dr Dante Mantini, University of Oxford

Long-range functional interactions in the resting human brain


17:40-18:00            Closing remarks and arrival of public

  The Cambridge Neuroscience Public Lecture,

  Inside the Social Brain of a Teenager

  Introduced by Professor Daniel Wolpert, Department of Engineering

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Please click here for directions to the West Road Concert Hall.

Map showing location of West Road Concert Hall

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Registration fees are heavily subsidised and include refreshments and lunch on both days, an evening wine reception on September 10th 2015, in addition to admittance to all talks. Please note that attendance at the Gala Conference dinner and drinks reception at King's College is charged in addition to registration.


Cambridge Neuroscientists: please register as normal. We will be collecting your payment on a Departmental basis so please provide your group leader's name and account code checking with your PI first. If you are paying for yourself, please use the online payment system. Please note that cheques or cash will not be accepted on the day of the conference.

Undergraduates - £60

Emeritus member - £60

Postgraduate students, Research Assistants - £80.00

Postdocs, Faculty/PI and other - £100.00

Reception at the Master’s Lodge and Gala conference dinner at King's College - £45

Academics not from Cambridge: Please register as normal before paying using the online payment system. Please note that cheques or cash will not be accepted on the day of the conference.

The booking system accepts all major credit/debit cards apart from American Express.

Undergraduates - £140.00

Postgraduate students, Research Assistants - £160.00

Postdocs, Faculty/PI and other - £180.00

Reception at the Master’s Lodge and Gala conference dinner at King's College - £60


Industry or other: Please register as normal before paying using the online payment system or provide an address for your invoice to be sent to. Please note that cheques or cash will not be accepted on the day of the conference.

Conference registration - £240

Reception at the Master’s Lodge and Gala conference dinner at King's College - £60


Please get in touch if there are 10 are more delegates in your group for details of College accommodation and group discount rates. 


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This is generally a very popular international meeting. We anticipate over 500 delegates attending this 2-day international conference including Cambridge Neuroscientists coming from over 40 different Neuroscience related Departments and Institutions affiliated with the University of Cambridge. For further information regarding Cambridge Neuroscience, please visit our website:

Registration for this event is heavily subsidised and the evening public lecture is free of charge. As such, we are asking for sponsorship donations and offering exhibition space for suppliers to showcase their products to our research scientists.

We have some exciting sponsorship packages this year, including invitations to the gala conference dinner at King's College and increased contact time for sponsors with the conference delegates during the poster sessions. This could be an excellent opportunity for your company to communicate that it is making a significant investment in Neuroscience in Cambridge.

Please contact Dr Dervila Glynn for more information on the different sponsorship opportunities available.

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Please contact Dr Dervila Glynn for more information.

Accommodation and spending time in Cambridge

For everything you need to know about Cambridge including reserving accommodation for your stay in one of the Cambridge Colleges, please see the Conference Cambridge website. Here you will find details about transport, parking, guided tours and a ‘What’s on’ guide to help you plan your time while in Cambridge.

In addition, there are several city centre hotels and guesthouses in Cambridge, which offer a wide range of accommodation with something to suit every taste and budget. Please see the official website for visiting Cambridge and the surrounding area for more details.

We look forward to welcoming you to Cambridge!

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