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Connectome Workbench | Brain networks at micro- and macro-scales


11-12th September 2015


Sainsbury Laboratory/University Centre, University of Cambridge


We are pleased to announce the Connectome Workbench | Brain networks at micro- and macro-scales to be held on 11-12th September 2015 at the University of Cambridge, UK. The Connectome Workbench brings together researchers from multidisciplinary backgrounds and aims at providing an exciting series of talks on the first day, and in-depth discussions and workshops on day 2. Lectures will focus on the complex scaling relationships of neuronal networks and potential ways to bridge the analysis of brain networks across scales. The event will also bring into focus strategies to integrate knowledge from other research disciplines, such as genetics, bioinformatics, neuroanatomy, and computer sciences. A copy of the brochure is available here.

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A Keynote lecture address by Professor Olaf Sporns (Indiana University, US) will be given on Friday, 11th September 2015 at 09:15 AM at the Sainsbury Laboratory.

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Programme at a Glance

Friday 11/09/2015


08:30-09:00              Registration at the Sainsbury Laboratory

09:00-09:15              Welcome

09:15-09:55              Keynote lecture: Olaf Sporns (Indiana University, US)

        “The search for design principles shaping the structure and function of brain networks”

09:55-10:35               Seth Grant (University of Edinburgh, UK)

                                    Synaptome mapping on the whole brain scale in mice reveals patterned architecture”


10:45-11:05              Coffee and speed-networking


11:05-11:45              Martijn van den Heuvel (University of Utrecht, Netherlands)

        “Linking macroscale organization to microscale neuroarchitectonics in the mammalian cortex”

11:45-12:25              Javier Orlandi (University of Barcelona, Spain)

                                    “First connectomics challenge in neuronal cultures. Crowdsourcing network reconstruction”

12:25-01:00              Poster feature talks (1min presentations)


01:00-02:00              Lunch and poster session


02:00-02:40              Claus C. Hilgetag (University of Hamburg, Germany)

       “Linking long-range connections and local architecture of the cerebral cortex”

02:40-03:20              Simon Laughlin (University of Cambridge, UK)

        “The economic benefits of a retinal circuit motif”


03:20-03:40              Coffee and speed-networking


03:40-04:20              Arnd Roth (University College London, UK)

       “Untangling cerebellar circuits using scanning electron microscopy and focused ion beam milling”

04:20-05:00              Edward Bullmore (University of Cambridge, UK)

      “Bringing connectomes down to earth”

05:00-06:00              Panel Discussion

06:00-07:00              Reception


Saturday 12/09/2015


08:45-09:00              Registration at the Cambridge University Centre


                                              Hicks Room                           Meade Suite


Mika Rubinov

Mouse-brain connectome modelling and analysis



Tutorial / discussion

Hermann Cuntz

Modelling the formation of neural circuits


Alessandro Bria

Big-image-data visualization and analysis with Vaa3D

Tutorial / discussion


Tutorial / discussion

Petra Vertes

Modelling macroscopic and microscopic brain networks


Coffee break


Kevin Boergens

Cellular and subcellular specificity in mouse barrel cortex

Tutorial / discussion


  Tutorial / discussion

Robert Leech

Computational modelling of the connectome in cognition and disease


Manuel Berning

Connectome variability

Tutorial / discussion


01:00-01:30                            Connectome Hackathon: Idea pitch


01:30-03:00                            Lunch break: Punt ‘n’ lunch (Please note, lunch will not be provided)


03:00                                       Start of Connectome Hackathon (Coffee will be provided)


06:30-07:30                            Presentations and closing remarks

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Friday, 11.09.15: please click here for directions to the Sainsbury Laboratory.

Saturday, 12.09.15: please click here for directions to the University Centre, Granta Place.

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The event is free of charge, but places are limited. To register for this event please click here.

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A Supported by: Welcome Trust, Guarantors of Brain, The Company of Biologists, Cambridge Neuroscience and the University of Cambridge.

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Please contact Mr Manuel Schroeter if you have any queries about this meeting.

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