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Wellcome Trust School on Biology of Social Cognition


14-21 August 2011


Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK


The workshop reviews the genetic, molecular, and neural factors that contribute to social behaviour, details emerging analytical approaches to these topics, and discusses theoretical advances that have helped make sense of the data.

The program will emphasise human social cognition, but will also feature comparative and evolutionary approaches. All themes will be related to the clinical consequences of dysfunctional social cognition as well as the role of translational research in these topics.

Scientific Programme Committee:

Jason Mitchell Harvard University, USA

David Skuse University College London, UK

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See below for programme details.

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Programme at a Glance

Confirmed Tutors include:

Ralph Adolphs, Caltech, USA

Dorothy Bishop, University of Oxford, UK

Thomas Bourgeron, Institut Pasteur, France

Thomas Bugnyar, University of Vienna, Austria

Fiery Cushman, Brown University, USA

Richard Ebstein, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Peter Hammond, UCL Institute of Child Health, UK

Christian Keysers, University Medicial Center Groningen, The Netherlands

Tetsuro Matsuzawa, Kyoto University, Japan

Marcus Munafo, University of Bristol, UK

Robin Murray Kings College London, UK

Barbara Sahakian, University of Cambridge, UK

Philip Shaw NIMH, USA

Larry Young Emory University, USA

Jamil Zaki Harvard University, USA

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Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK

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All applicants are expected to provide a completed application form,
covering letter, abstract and a letter of support from your line
manager/supervisor. The selection process will take place in June 2011,
after which successful applicants will be notified immediately.

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