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Pain: From Periphery to Brain


April 2nd 13:30-18:00


McCrum Lecture Theatre, Corpus Christi College


This workshop will be held on Tuesday  2nd April 2019 in the McCrum Lecture theatre at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge (13:30-18:00, with drinks and networking from 17:00). The format will be an afternoon of short talks by postdocs from Cambridge and outside (chaired by Principal Investigators), with plenty of time for formal and informal discussion over refreshments.

This workshop will bring together researchers from different Departments, from both basic and clinical neuroscience, with the aim being to demonstrate the breadth of pain research in Cambridge and facilitate new collaborations by showcasing the range of techniques employed in different labs. The event will be an opportunity to take stock of the research landscape within the University, with snapshots from a range of disciplinary perspectives.

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Programme at a Glance


13:30-14:00   Registration and refreshments,

Foyer, Mc Crum Lecture theatre, Corpus Christi College


14:00-14:05   Introduction to the meeting, Dr Ewan St John Smith, Department of Pharmacology


Chaired by Dr Ewan St John Smith, Department of Pharmacology


14:05-14:25    Dr Robert Adalbert, Department of Clinical Neurosciences

14:25-14:45    Dr Flavia Mancini, Department of Engineering

14:45-15:05    Ulku Cuhadar, King’s College London

15:05-15:25    Dr John Dawes, Oxford University


15:25-15:55    Refreshments, foyer, Mc Crum Lecture theatre, Corpus Christi College


Chaired by Professor Michael Coleman, Department of Clinical Neurosciences


15:55-16:15    Dr James Hockley, Department of Pharmacology

16:15-16:35    Dr Mike Nahorski, Department of Medical Genetics

16:35-16:55    Maria Niedernhuber, Department of Psychology


16:55-17:00    Closing remarks from Dr Ewan St John Smith, Department of Pharmacology

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The entrance to the McCrum Lecture Theatre is off Benet Street through a passage on the right of the Eagle pub.

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This workshop is supported by Cambridge Neuroscience and The Isaac Newton Trust.

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Please contact Ewan Smith should you require any further information.

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