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The Cambridge Brain Repair Centre Spring School 2012

27th March - 29th March, 2012, Cripps Court, Magdalene College, Cambridge, CB4 3AD, UK

Cambridge Centre for Brain Repair Spring School 2012, Department of Clinical Neurosciences. An advanced course for PhD students, Post Docs and Group Leaders.

Posted on Monday 5 December, 2011

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The Neuroscience of Consciousness: Baroness Susan Greenfield


What is consciousness? How does it happen?


Posted on Wednesday 2 November, 2011

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Otto Wolff Lecture

Pharmacological Cognitive Enhancement in Neuropsychiatric Disorders in Healthy People


Fractionating Impulsivity: Neural basis and Neuropsychiatric Implications

Professor Barbara Sahakian and Professor Trevor Robbins

Posted on Thursday 1 September, 2011

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Bernard Wolfe Health Neuroscience Symposium

Neuroscience of Human Eating: from Neuronal Pathways to Population Behaviour.

Posted on Monday 20 June, 2011

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A vision of the developing brain – advances in fetal and neonatal neuroimaging

2-5 pm, Wednesday 18th May,  2011

A symposium on fetal and neonatal brain imaging

The meeting is open to anyone interested in injury, development and imaging of the brain.

Posted on Tuesday 19 April, 2011

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The Mental Health Research Network 2011 annual three-day Scientific Meeting

6th - 8th April, 2011, West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge

This annual Scientific Meeting gives researchers and mental health professionals the chance to meet together and find out about some of the pioneering studies we support.

This is the only multidisciplinary meeting about mental health research in England and this year focuses on research in the field of developmental and youth mental health.

Posted on Sunday 27 March, 2011

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The Social Brain Evolution, development, psychopathology and future directions

12th and 13th April, 2011, MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge.

The aim of this workshop is to provide audience members with state of the art coverage of social neuroscience and make translational and theoretical connections between human brainimaging, comparative research, and neuropsychiatric disorders. We aim to keep the workshop small and extremely interactive.

Posted on Friday 25 March, 2011

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Wellcome Trust School on Biology of Social Cognition

14-21 August 2011, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK

Registration/application deadline: 27 May 2011

This week-long workshop provides intensive training in the biological underpinnings of social behavior, aimed mainly at advanced graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and faculty.

Posted on Wednesday 23 March, 2011

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The Cambridge Neuroscience Seminar, 2011

17th March, 2011, Babbage Lecture Theatre, New Museums Site, Cambridge.

Following the success of the 2010 Cambridge Neuroscience Seminar, we are delighted to announce the 23rd Cambridge Neuroscience Seminar. The theme for 2011 is: From eponym and acronym to mechanistic taxonomy, Hosted by the Department of Clinical Neurosciences

Posted on Thursday 17 March, 2011

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