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  • Richard Adams Dr Richard Adams
    My group is interested in the mechanisms of morphogenesis that shape the early central nervous system. Using zebrafish as a developmental model, we image the movements of many hundreds of cells using time-lapse micoscopy. Applying methods of image...
  • Dr Xana Almeida
    During neural development the proper number of each specific cell type must be generated at the correct time and place. Thus, a precise balance between cell division, cell survival, cell cycle exit and differentiation must be achieved. However, th...
  • Dr Clare Buckley
    The vertebrate brain arises from a tube-like structure made from polarised neuroepithelial cells. These have a strict apico-basal orientation; they align their apical ends along a centrally located lumen. This organisation is important for later n...
  • Ms Wei-Yan Chow
    Investigating the migration of amacrine cells in the developing zebrafish retina
  • Mikail Rubinov Mikail Rubinov
    Complex-network mapping of structural and functional connectomes; constraints and principles of whole-brain network organization; information transfer in large-scale brain dynamics; neuropsychiatric connectivity phenotypes.

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