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  • George Gibbons
    I am currently a Research Associate working on developing novel human stem cell derived organoid models to explore disease, injury, and development. Using this platform, I hope to further elucidate novel human specific mechanisms and validate pre...
  • Dr Elise Laperrousaz
    I interest myself in the axonal regeneration, after a spinal cord injury. In this context, I focus on integrins role in the process of axonal regeneration in both in vitro and in vivo models.
  • Dr Bart Nieuwenhuis
    Injury to the brain and spinal cord has devastating consequences because adult neurons in the central nervous system (CNS) do not regenerate. Gene therapy is a promising tool to promote axon regeneration. My research makes contributions to the fie...
  • Veselina Petrova Veselina Petrova
    My research focuses on restoring the intrinsic ability of adult CNS neurons to regenerate after spinal cord injury. In particular, I work on advancing the axonal transport of molecules, key to the regenerative process such as integrins.
  • Noah Poulin
    I am interested in engineering neural precursor cells to improve the efficacy of cell transplantation in spinal cord injury.

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