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  • Anat Arzi Dr Anat Arzi
    Consciousness is a central aspect of our experience of the world. The neural fingerprint of this experience, however, remains one of the least understood aspects of the human brain. No agreement has yet emerged on which aspects of brain function u...
  • Tristan Bekinschtein Dr Tristan Bekinschtein
    I am interested in non-classic approaches to study the physiology and cognition of consciousness. I have wide Interests in Cognition and neurophysiology. In the last few years I have been mainly concentrating in describing different states of con...
  • Michael Hastings FMedSci Dr Michael Hastings FRS, FMedSci
    Cellular and molecular basis to circadian rhythms in mammals and its relevance to metabolic and neurological disease.
  • Sridhar rajan Jagannathan Sridhar rajan Jagannathan
    The aim of this research is to generate a body of work capable of characterizing the neural and computational dynamics of consciousness during arousal(alertness) transitions. I do this by developing new mathematical tools for the analysis of compl...
  • Dr Baland Jalal PhD
    Dr Baland Jalal's research interest is neuropsychiatry, with a focus on how technology (e.g., smartphone apps) and innovative treatments can make psychiatry more transportable and accessible (the theme of his PhD done at Cambridge University - wit...
  • Valdas Noreika Dr Valdas Noreika
    My research centers on neurocognitive processes occurring during transition between different states of consciousness, such as wakefulness, sleep, dreaming, and sedation. I largely focus on auditory and time perception, and in addition to altered ...
  • John O'Neill Dr John O'Neill
    The causes and consequences of cellular circadian timekeeping and its interaction with sleep.
  • Camice Revier Camice Revier
    My research is aimed at expanding the evidence and understanding of the relationship between sleep and social recovery in psychosis. With a secondary aim of examining the mediating effects of changes in cognition as part of the causal pathway. The...
  • Dr Will Schneider
    I have a background in electronic engineering and did my PhD in ecology & evolution. I am currently working on sleep and cognitive problems in Huntington's disease.
  • Szilvia Vas Dr Szilvia Vas
    My research interest focuses on the regulation of sleep-wake architecture and brain oscillation in different behavioural states. I joined Professor Jenny Morton's research group in 2015 to study the alterations of sleep-wake pattern and EEG spec...
  • Dr Nigel Wood
    Our research in the Morton lab is focused on understanding the mechanisms underlying neurodegeneration and on developing strategies to delay or prevent the death of neurones in injured or degenerating brain, particularly in Huntington's disease (H...

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