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  • Rose Bruffaerts Dr Rose Bruffaerts
    I'm a cognitive neurologist. My research is centered around semantic and perceptual processing of concrete entities. The methods that I use to conduct this research consist of advanced fMRI and MEG techniques (multi-voxel pattern analysis and mach...
  • Dr Alex Clarke
    How does the brain make sense of the world? We can recognise tens of thousands of objects, but despite this vast number, our recognition is remarkably quick and accurate, completed within a few hundred milliseconds. My research ask what are the ne...
  • Saskia Frisby
    When we see a tiger, read the word “tiger” or listen to the word “tiger”, how do we know that those different sensory inputs refer to the same thing? Initial evidence suggests that multisensory information about meaning is represented in the anter...
  • Napoleon  Katsos Dr Napoleon Katsos
    I am interested in how developmental research can inform theoretical linguistic inquiry and vice versa. My particular focus is in the area of semantics and pragmatics, and in language learning by monolingual and bilingual children as well as child...

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