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  • Dr Melissa Andrews
    My research focuses on assessing the localization and transport of ectopically expressed integrins in adult CNS, in order to better target integrins to sites of injury for therapeutic treatment. We have shown that enhancing the regeneration of do...
  • Dr Richard Eva
    Repair and protection of the injured or diseased central nervous system. My research focuses on the subcellular signalling and trafficking mechanisms that control axon regeneration and neuroprotection in the brain, spinal cord and optic nerve. Thi...
  • James Fawcett Professor James Fawcett
    Axon regeneration in the damaged CNS: Regeneration of axons after CNS damage is blocked by several molecules in the environment and by loss of intrinsic regeneration ability, We modify the environment to make it more permissive and modify axonal ...
    My research focuses on the regulation of adult brain cytogenesis, especilly on the biology of the subependymal zone neurogenic/gliogenic niche. I am interested in the role of components of the extracellular matrix (ECM/ such as integrins, laminins...
  • Roger Keynes Professor Roger Keynes
    Growth cone repulsion is an important mechanism controlling axon growth. During development it guides axons by excluding them from repulsive regions of the embryo. Following injury to the adult brain it may also block axon regeneration, with major...
  • Dr Elise Laperrousaz
    I interest myself in the axonal regeneration, after a spinal cord injury. In this context, I focus on integrins role in the process of axonal regeneration in both in vitro and in vivo models.
  • Fiona Love
    Adult CNS neurons have marked differences in axon transport compared to their peripheral or developing counterparts. As a result, adult CNS axons often lack the molecular machinery needed to survive and recover from injury or disease. I'm invest...
  • Mr Yan Ting NG
    I am a 1st year MRes + PhD student at the MS Society Cambridge Centre for Myelin Repair. I am interested in the remyelination and neuroregeneration.I hope the study in the mechanism of remyelination and neuroregeneration can provide us better solu...
  • Dr Bart Nieuwenhuis
    Injury to the brain and spinal cord has devastating consequences because adult neurons in the central nervous system (CNS) do not regenerate. Gene therapy is a promising tool to promote axon regeneration. My research makes contributions to the fie...
  • Veselina Petrova Veselina Petrova
    My research focuses on restoring the intrinsic ability of adult CNS neurons to regenerate after spinal cord injury. In particular, I work on advancing the axonal transport of molecules, key to the regenerative process such as integrins.
  • Patrice Smith Professor Patrice Smith
    Promoting regeneration and repair of the damaged CNS, with a particular focus on understanding the contribution of neuronal intrinsic mechanisms in axon regeneration.

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